Building Tower of Our Life

A Call for Youth

Having a sightseeing in a new tourism city by enjoying the beauty of its famous ‘tower’ is just amazing. Wandering around Paris then visiting its world-wide well-known Eiffel Tower, wondering Burj Khalifa of Dubai as the tallest building in the whole world, or even enjoying small ‘tower’ like Tugu Jogja (Jogja Monument). Each of them has its unique charm that keeps attracting people to visit them and bring back good memories afterward.

Just like those cities, our life also consist of many towers, yet they are intangible ones. We are on the top of out tower when we feel we’ve succeeded in our study, won a competition that we’ve been struggling really hard, holding strategic leadership position in our organization, etc. A time when others congratulate us, admire our hard work that bring us to that particular level.

Even though our ‘tower’ of success will be in different ‘height’, just…

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